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If you are looking for more information, the following sites are a good place to start:


Microbe World - Sponsered by the American Society for Microbiology, this site contains lots of information about microbiology. Highlights include:

Microbe Gallery
Adopt a microbe

Cells Alive - this site contains information about all kinds of cells and specializes in good pictures and animations. Highlights include:

microbiology - descriptions and animations of cell division, bacterial movement, antibiotic action and more...
bacterial cell structure
plant cell structure

General Biology

Howard Hughes Medical Institute - research institute devoted to bringing science to the classroom.

Biointeractive - in-depth multimedia coverage of a number of biology topics.

The Dolan DNA Learning Center - interactive introductions to genetics topics.

Farabee's Online Biology Textbook - at an introductory college level.

Kimball's Online Biology Textbook - an online version of the college-level textbook.

General Science

High School Chemistry Link - it's difficult to study microbiology without learning some chemistry.