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How Plant Fight Disease

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Plant Immunity
Modules 1-3 focused primarily on the virulence proteins encoded by pathogenic bacteria and how they can be cloned and transferred among bacteria. This module will focus instead on the ways that plants defend themselves

Plants are attacked by numerous microorganisms such as fungi, parasitic worms, bacteria and viruses, which can make them very sick or even cause their death.


But plants have powerful ways to defend themselves against disease-causing microorganisms which are referred to as ‘PLANT PATHOGENS’.  In fact, despite the many potential pathogens in the environment, plants develop relatively few diseases. This is what is called ‘plant immunity’.


In this module you will:

Do disease assays on tomato plants and learn how plant immunity works

Learn about the consequences that plant diseases can have on human history
Learn how plant immunity and human innate immunity are related and what is meant by Interdisciplinary Science
Use Bioinformatic tools to investigate similarities between plant immunity and human innate immunity, and do an online evaluation QUIZ