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P. syringae resources in external databases:

PAMDB - Plant Associated and Environmental Microbes Database Multilocus sequence typing and analysis database designed for identification of plant associated and environmental microbes
select strain of interest at site
Pseudomonas genome database (v2) Pseudomonas Genome Database focused primarily on P. aeruginosa but including information on all sequenced pseudomonads. Allows users to view ge
Virulence Factors of pathogenic bacteria Compare predicted virulence factors among related bacteria
Comprehensive Phytopathogen Genomics Resource View comprehensive gene list, unique loci, intergenic regions and putative SSRs.
Resource designed to aid in diagnostic probe development
select strain of interest at site
KEGG Kyoto Encyclopedia of Genes and Genomes. Useful for identification of protein families and visualization of metabolic pathways
Transport DB Genomic Comparisons of Membrane Transport Systems
psortDB Database of predicted protein subcellular localizations for bacteria
MEROPS Peptidase database hosted by the Sanger Institute
Genome Atlas Database Visualize structural features of the genome
GOLD Genomes Online Database for comprehensive access to online information
IslandPath Genomic Island Identification Aid providing graphic representations of the locations of genomi features associated with horizontal transfer

Additional database links:

NCBI National Center for Biotechnology Information
TIGR-CMR The Institute for Genome Research Comprehensive Microbial Resource
DOE JGI Department of Energy Joint Genome Institute
Sanger Institute for genome research (Cambridge UK)
EMBL-EBI European Molecular Biology Laboratory and European Bioinformatics Institute
Gene Ontology Searchable database of Gene Ontology terms and the genes to which they have been assigned
ASAP Relational database and web interface developed to store, update and distribute genome sequence data and gene expression data

Plant genome databases:

SGN Solanaceous Genome network including genome information on P. syringae host tomato
See also Tomato Functional Genomics Database
TAIR Arabidopsis Genome Network
GRAMENE Comparative Grass Genomics


EMBO Journal

Journal of Bacteriology
Molecular Plant Microbe Interactions
Trends in Microbiology

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